Is Stormont going to crash this time?


The Stormont Assembly is heading for the cliff, again. Unless Sinn Féin or the British blink on welfare cuts, the end is nigh, as those posters at bad bends used to warn. The whole circus could career over the edge.

David Cameron wouldn’t like that. It would look bad for him if Stormont were to crash on his watch. His predecessors like John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown worked hard to get the devolution show on the road and to keep it moving.

Sinn Féin wouldn’t like it. It would be a dangerous turn off the route they have been travelling for so long and power would revert to London. At least they could blame Cameron. They could also avoid the charge that they just implement British rule in Ireland. That factor has been underestimated by most commentators.

The DUP wouldn’t like it. It would reinforce the message to their grass roots that unionists no longer steer the car on their own. That could sound the death-knell for Robinson’s already shaky hope of leaving a worthwhile legacy.

The Dublin Government wouldn’t like it. Who knows how northern politics in limbo would impact on the south?

The rest of us are past caring. We might be disappointed but we’ve had enough of one crisis after another. We’ve had enough of such an over-blown political establishment delivering so little. Euthanasia for Stormont might be the kinder option.

So who’ll blink first, or will the crash happen? We may soon find out.