It is the government, stupid!

I was watching all the political pundits on Saturday night giving their expert analysis on how the government had lost what was seen some time ago as a slam dunk Referendum certainty.

Personally, haven’t met one person who thinks the Seanad is worth keeping or is doing a great job, and had this government been trusted by the people it would have had no bother getting a ‘yes’ vote for its abolition. Instead most people see about four government ministers running the country, ramming through taxes in the Dail without debate and think to themselves why in under God give these people more power. Our democracy is already all but dead so in those circumstances a poor, unaccountable senate is better than nothing.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out this one folks....

Thanks, Angela

Loved the one during the week where it was said Angela Merkel had given the Irish government a big concession in the forthcoming budget...she said they could print it in English.

Not the way to go

During the week I noted one frustrated person in Letterkenny suggested, following recent attacks on people in their homes, that as over-stretched Gardai didn’t have the resources maybe a vigilante group might be the answer. The writer pointed out, “It seems to work well in Derry...”

When people feel this angry the authorities should take note.

A whole new scumbag level

There have been some scumbag political stories in the British tabloid media over the years but I think the Daily Mail took it to a whole new level last week with their attack on Ed Miliband’s father under a headline- ‘The man who hated Britain’.

When a Jewish man joins the British army during the second world war thereby putting his life on the line for that country I don’t think that charge is sustainable under any circumstances.

But what was even more amazing was the less than whole hearted condemnation of the attack from Tory politicians. David Cameron said he ‘understood’ Miliband’s outrage at the attack and that he would have responded in exactly the same manner.

He stopped a long way short of condemning the paper itself. But as the Mail is virulently anti the Labour Party you know the old Arab saying comes into play -- my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

The worst nightmare

I hope the parents of Madeleine McCann get some answers soon. Last week they said they were ‘greatly encouraged’ by new information about their daughter’s disappearance in Portugal in 2007.

Kate and Gerry McCann must be living an nightmare. As a parent I can’t begin to understand their pain wondering every day where their child is. And so often they have been given false hope.

Hopefully, this time there will be a result.

Someone will die!

Have you ever heard anything more stupid, playing a World Cup in a country where the temperature can reach 50degrees during the day? I wonder how many brown envelopes were passed to ensure Qatar got the 2022 cup because there is no other explanation why a desert country should get a summer tournament where not only the players lives will be in danger but those traveling to and from stadia in the boiling heat will also be at risk.

FIFA, the world governing body, is now attempting a damage limitation exercise suggesting the games be played in Winter - this is going to totally mess up club games right across the globe - and that they be played at night in air conditioned stadiums.

If that is not an admission the World Cup should never have been awarded to Qatar I don’t know what is.

Labour in diffs

So the Labour Party’s support in our dear land is now at a paltry 6%. Hardly surprising, is it?

The Labour Party’s cynicism is truly remarkable in that just about every promise they made in the famous ‘Tesco’ style advert before the last election they broke once in power. And what was even more unforgiveable in the eyes of their supporters was the seeming enthusiasm with which they embraced right wing policies demanded by Germany and promulgated by Fine Gael here to get us out of our economic diffs. No question of taking a determined, principled stand and saying let the big companies and the wealthy share the austerity burden on an equal basis with the working person.

And now in Donegal Frank McBrearty, their former General Election candidate, has resigned. While there are many who will think Colr McBrearty is jumping from a sinking ship - and that is easily argued - he is insistent that it’s a moral issue for him - he made promises on the doorsteps when urging people to vote Labour and those promises weren’t kept.

Fair enough.

The nationalists ‘are getting everything’

Loyalist protestors in Belfast have staged a sort of ‘sit in’ Twadell Avenue because they can’t get marching through a nationalist area. It’s costing £300,000 a week in policing costs.

During the week one loyalist told the BBC they were protesting because they were being denied their rights ‘and the nationalists are getting everything.’

I still have to laugh when I hear that. For starters, nationalists are not seeking to march through a Protestant area.

And if re-organising a society on the basis of fairness is ‘giving the nationalists everything’ then so be it. 50 years of one party rule by unionists and a police force that was 93% Protestant sort of suggests something needed to change.

And finally

Many years ago I used to go out with a young girl from Kilmacrennan called Mary Mc.... (I’ll not embarrass her by giving away her last name) and as we were both 16 at the time she used to say, ‘I wonder where we will be when we are 60’.

The reason I’m mentioning this is that Mary hit 60 some weeks ago and I hit it on Sunday, and now we finally both know the answer to the question.

It’s about 45 years since I last saw Mary and last I heard she was a teacher in south west Donegal. And I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning writing this with Highland radio blasting away in the background. Need I say more?

Thanks to everyone for their kind messages. And to those who asked ... no I haven’t changed a bit. Still slim and dark haired....