It’ll be Glasgow-Derry

City of Culture media director Garbhan Downey on Derry’s influence on a major local music event....

A huge contingent of Derry bands, DJs and fans will descend on Draperstown this weekend for the North’s most popular home-grown music event.

The Wonder Villains, Paddy Nash & the Happy Enchiladas, Paul Casey, Fighting With Wire, The Japanese Popstars, Deep Fried Funk, Our Krypton Son, Soak, The 4 Conors, John Derry & the Heads, and Best Boy Grip are just some of the names from the city on the bill of the 12th Annual Glasgowbury Festival.

And next year, the city’s link to the festival should be stronger again, as plans are underway to have a special Derry event (or presence) at Glasgowbury to mark the 2013 cultural celebrations.

Organiser Paddy Glasgow confirmed: “There is already great linkage between the city and the county regarding the festival, and there are a few things afoot already to develop the connection further next year. We think it is important that City of Culture reaches into the county and from the county back into the city.”

One possibility being mooted is that a special City of Culture showcase might be held at the Glasgowbury site the night prior to the traditional one-day festival.

And there’s also a proposal to host a special ‘Small but Massive’, Glasgowbury-branded stage as part of the Music City events in Derry on June 21 next year. Music City is the day when amateur and professional musicians will be called on to perform on the streets of the city in the manner of France’s Fete de la Musique.

“It’s a very positive time to be involved in music here,” said Glasgow. “Acts have never been keener to get a platform.

“We had 800 submissions from acts from all over the UK, and as far away as Europe, to play at this year’s event – despite the fact we are a local festival. One of the great things about City of Culture is that it will allow a lot more chances for bands and acts to be seen.

“It’s a great time for the music scene – the scene in the city is very strong. The recent Clipper concert featuring home-grown groups was a major success – and there was great feedback from it. We’ve been doing that at Glasgowbury for 12 years. We just now hope that the infrastructure and support is there to harness these opportunities fully.”