It’s good to tidy up after a party

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Ballymena council is running a pilot scheme rewarding people for the “responsible binning of litter.” Lindy McDowell writing in the Belfast Telegraph suggested people could make handy cash by heading to the town with rubbish so they could be seen depositing it in the receptacles provided.

People seen putting litter in a bin are to be given a card which they can enter in a draw for a £50 voucher to be spent in a local pet shop or supermarket. Hmmm! Giving away money in a raffle. It doesn’t sound very Ballymena, does it?

The story I’m about to relate didn’t happen in Ballymena or I’d be happy to nominate some amazingly “responsible” litter pickers for an award.

I know of a vacant house with a nice sunny, secluded garden. It’s proving a popular spot for summertime al fresco drinkers. Their favourite ‘tipple’ is large quantities of cider drunk from two litre plastic bottles and cans of low-cost lager. The other day I noticed that the blue bin which was still at the back of the vacant house had been completely filled with empty cans and bottles and left outside at the roadside for the binmen. It was duly emptied.

Beat that one if you can – responsible drinkers and “responsible” litter binners of Ballymena. Incidentally, the story proves that you can find responsible drinkers who bother to clear up after themselves but aren’t all binners of litter, in a sense “responsible”?