Lenny’s runaway SPL leaders

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire
Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

NEIL Lennon was in fighting mood when he hosted his normal Friday morning Press Conference last week.

The Lurgan man was asked about falling attendances at Parkhead and the question was directly linked to the absence of Rangers in the Scottish Premier League and the fact that the SPL was now a one horse race.

The Celtic boss responded by stating that Celtic had proved the doom and gloom merchants wrong having qualified for the last 16 in the European Champions’ League, but he evaded the real issue which is basically a significant lack of interest in domestic football in Scotland following the demotion of Rangers.

In fairness to Lennon, he did say there was not too much he could do in relation to Celtic being runaway league leaders and he pointed out that this was normal in most top European leagues anyway.

A quick glance around Europe show this certainly to be the case. In Spain and in Germany Barcelona and Bayern Munich respectively dominate their domestic leagues and both are so far ahead of their opponents, in fact both clubs appear to be uncatchable.

In the Barclay’s Premiership Manchester United are comfortable clear of their nearest rivals while in Italy only Napoli look to have any chance of catching Juventus.

Despite their wealth, French League champions Paris St-Germain are not guilty of getting it all their own way, which is good for French football in the long run.

So Lennon’s point is well made and factual, but runaway league leaders doesn’t pull in the fans the way a neck-and-neck finish does.

Look at last year’s end to the Premiership and compare than to this year’s finish if Manchester United can maintain their winning form.

As a neutral, I’ll take excitement over certainty every time.