Let them eat horse and cake, say royals

Prince Charles and Camilla celebrate his 65th birthday in India.
Prince Charles and Camilla celebrate his 65th birthday in India.

“Let them eat cake,” Marie Antoinette famously said when someone told her the people had no bread.

Last week a bit of role-reversal was going on. It was the British royals who were eating cake. Prince Charles and Camilla, or Fred and Gladys as they call each other, were celebrating Charles’s 65th birthday while on tour in India. The hotel gave them a chocolate cake and they were expecting another on their visit to Sri Lanka. “He likes people giving him cake” and, “we’ll all be having a jolly good munch on the way home,” Camilla told a reporter with the royal party.

Apart from eating cake, Camilla said she would have difficulty getting her husband to relax on his birthday, “He’ll be working as always,” said the Duchess.

Really? What does he do? Still, all that smiling, frowning and looking glum must be exhausting. And isn’t there all the hassle of airport security and so on? There was some speculation that he’d get in a spot of painting along with the Director of the Prince of Wales’s Drawing School, Catherine Goodman who was also travelling with the royal entourage.

Isn’t it great to know our taxes are being put to such good use?

Meanwhile, Charles’s sister, Princess Anne was advising us we should be eating horse.

That would be one disadvantage of living in a republic. We’d eat all the wrong things.