Maserati man or Mondeo man? Ladies, take your pick!

Maserati man or Mondeo man?

Maserati man or Mondeo man?

Women, which would you prefer?

A hairdresser once told me when she sees a man in a smart sports car she looks to see, “what” gets out of it. “I’m always disappointed,” she said with a sigh. It’s amazing the conversations men have with hairdressers. Well, it’s less boring than the time-honoured, “Have you any holidays planned yet?”

Anyway, this came to mind on reading Erin Hutcheon’s story last week about, “the Derry woman on a mission to come between Irish men and their love of cars”.

It was about Corey Hanna, 23, from the Waterside who is to star on a dating show on TG4. It’s Pioc Do Ride (Pick Your Ride, and no, it’s unlikely any double entendre is intended!) on which one lucky lady picks from three eligible bachelors to take her on a super date. The only problem is that she doesn’t get to meet the man in advance. She has to choose on the basis of an examination of his car.

Hmmm! I suppose it might be fun but fraught with ‘danger’. Still, at least she’s not expected to come between a man and his drink! That’s impossible. No matter when a woman intervenes on that front, it’s always, “too early”.

Of course, it’s an Irish language show and Corey, a former Foyle College pupil is studying for a Masters in the language.

The first episode goes out this Thursday at 10pm. A Corey, ádh mór ort.