McCoist latest Rangers casualty

Ally McCoist has become the latest Rangers casualty.
Ally McCoist has become the latest Rangers casualty.

Momentum is a word that means a lot in football terms because when you have it you are very much on the upward trend but when you lose it it’s almost impossible to stop the downward trend or even to simply apply the brakes.

This is surely the case at Rangers Football Club at the moment as the once great club lurches from crisis to crisis both on and off the field.

Surely when he was appointed manager, Ally McCoist would have been seen as a ‘rallying point’ for Rangers fans given his history with the club and his near legendary status within the Blue end of Glasgow.

However, poor results on the pitch coupled with an alarming wage bill and a fluctuating debt (no one seems to know the true figure) saw relationships between the manager and the board deteriorate badly.

The board took the unusual step of making the manager’s wages public and so we learned that for managing a team (even if it is Rangers) in the second tier of Scottish Football, Ally McCoist was being paid £750,000 per year!

As McCoist was saying farewell to his players, the board of directors were being roundly booed at their AGM by many disgruntled shareholders.

This is a sad state of affairs, not just for once mighty Rangers but for Scottish Football in general.

I wrote some time back that turning the SPL into a one horse race (Celtic) would in the long run do nothing for either Celtic or Scottish Football overall and for this I took a bit of stick from Celtic supporters but perhaps on reflection they might tend to agree with my point of view.

Meanwhile, for Rangers, the agony continues.