Mirren shows that you can age gracefully

Women in the 21st century, whether you like it or not, are under pressure to look good all the time. Whether it is wearing the latest fashion, slimming down our figures, or looking after our skin.

At 69, I think Dame Helen Mirren is a brilliant example of aging gracefully, but with a touch of pizazz.

She walks the red carpet looking radiant amongst her younger colleagues and her style is impeccable.

She’s also one of the oldest L’Oreal models, and her recent ad for them has come under scrutiny .

In a nutshell someone complained that her ads must have been digitally re-touched and therefore misleadingly exaggerated the effect the cream would have on ‘normal’ customers.

Specifically, the lines around Helen’s mouth were mentioned.

I’ve watched the ad and she looks amazing, Throughout its 30 second duration I didn’t once think that she looked unlike herself; instead I marvelled at how wonderful she looked for someone approaching 70.

For a viewer to take the time to complain about it baffles me.

Of course the cream professes to do great things, including this text which proclaims - “Nourished with moisture. Age spots appear reduced. Radiance.”

As a consumer I take these with a pinch of salt and usually buy a product that’s inexpensive and moisturising.

If I see a celebrity endorsing it, especially one that looks as good as Helen Mirren, then of course I am gullible enough to think this gives it more appeal. But it wouldn’t be the exclusive reason for me buying it.

In the end the Advertising Standards Agency ruled that the ads “were not misleading.”

The truth is that make-up can have a transforming effect on any woman. In this instance the consumer wrongly thought that it was digital work that had made Mirren look so different, but in fact it was simply a good make-up artist.

It’s just like a recent video doing the rounds on Facebook which shows one woman making up just one side of her face. The difference with the side that has no make up is remarkable.

And in the case of the L’Oreal ad, they were able to prove that Mirren looks as good on the red carpet as she does in their ads.

Keep up the good work Helen, you’re giving us all hope for the future.