Mothers-in-law buy the worst presents!

Like it or loathe it, we all have to get over Christmas. It’s compulsory. Most of us remember Christmasses from long ago. I remember trying to sleep while listening for Santa’s boots on the gravel outside our house. I remember the excitement of Christmas morning and the sadness of Christmas evening on being told it was almost over.

For adults, it’s a challenge whether you like it or not. Novelist Maeve Binchy hit the nail on the head. “Christmas Eve can be hell on earth…Everyone running around doing their last-minute shopping. It’s as if Christmas comes on people by surprise, as if they hadn’t known for weeks it was on its way,” she said. Well, be warned, it’s just over three weeks away.

With Christmas there are always those silly presents. Men get the worst presents from their mother-in-laws. At least if she buys you socks, you’ll be able to wear them. Scarves are more of a problem. Because TV reporters wear scarves, mothers-in-law think all nice, educated, urbane men should wear them. They don’t. Real men don’t like scarves any more than they like eating quiche with salad. They don’t bother with them. And, why do mothers-in-law never notice jumpers their sons-in-law wear. If you only wear the plainest possible jumpers you’re unlikely to have a sudden personality change on Christmas Eve in favour of jumpers you could play golf in. take-note, mothers-in-law everywhere