Next up it’s Stephen ‘big show’ Nolan versus Katie ‘big mouth’ Hopkins

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It could be the clash of the egos. It could be the beast versus beauty. It could be bigger than Carl versus Kiko. That’s what Stephen Nolan taking on Katie Hopkins could be.

Katie is a regular ‘rent-a-gob’ guest on Nolan’s “biggest show in the ‘country’”. Incidentally it’s not clear what ‘country’ that is, but that’s beside the point. Katie has made a career out of generating outrage on demand.

Last Tuesday she was on with Stephen telling him about how she’s going to show fat people how to lose weight. Strangely enough fat people are also stupid, is the implication. Ms Hopkins has put on three and a half stones by eating 6,500 calories a day and sitting around the house. She is planning to lose her excess weight and make a TV programme showing how easy it is. She says, “I hate fat people for making me do this”.

Anyway, last week, Mr Nolan challenged Ms Hopkins to a ‘race’ see who could lose three stones first and she readily accepted. It was probably just one of those idle challenges that are thrown out live on air that won’t happen but it could be interesting. Radio Five Live or “Radio Five Alive,” as I heard a Derry man call it, could give us a blow by blow account. But it could be harder for Nolan has he has already shed a huge amount and it gets progressively tougher.

Apart from that the contestants would be well matched – they both have egos the size of Wales.

If they could shrink their egos the weight would just vanish. Incidentally, isn’t Wales great? – it’s useful as a metaphor for the size of things.