‘On me nerves’ as the boy starts big school

It’s no secret when it comes to mammy-types I fall squarely into the neurotic mammy mode.

I have my reasons for being perhaps overly protective of my brood - and my big son in particular - but I do try to stay calm when it comes to major life events.

The problem being my inherently neurotic inner self has a very loud voice and likes to whisper in my ear about all the things that could go wrong.

Never is that voice louder than when my child is about to head off to secondary school. I only thought she was loud when he started primary school - but that was a mere whisper in comparison.

Because if sending your child out to primary school is akin to cutting the apron strings, sending your child to secondary school is like burning the apron, strings and all in a big fire.

He’ll have to get a school bus - with big boys and girls. He’ll have to find his way around a new school building, a new timetable, remembering his books, multiple homeworks, cope with a new uniform, new rules, new friends, new teachers.

And all the while mammy will be rocking back and forth, gently in a corner and watching the clock until pick up time.

I should say that the big boy is very excited about his new school. He has already spent time there - met some staff, met his new classmates and he is busting to wear his new uniform with pride. He’s all excited at the thought of the school bus, of the cafeteria style canteen. He’s excited at the thought of learning new languages, science lessons, even his old nemesis, Art and Design.

I have full confidence in the school we have chosen for him - but yet and all, my heart is in my mouth at the very thought of it all.

Perhaps it is because it is a big step - this school will see him through to manhood. All being well, he will make his friends that will be with him through his life.

It’s a grown up step that he may well be ready to make - but the mammy is me isn’t quite ready for.

Of course I have to let him anyway - and encourage him and share the ups and downs with him. I have to help him embrace this new stage of his life and share the excitement he has, even if I’m trying hard to hold back the tears on Tuesday morning.

I know I’m not alone as the new school year begins. Let’s hope all our wains, big and small, settle in quickly and that the neurotic mammy keeps quiet.