Only A Game? - If Carneiro was a man it would be very different

Former Chelsea doctor, Eva Carneiro.
Former Chelsea doctor, Eva Carneiro.

The treatment of former Chelsea doctor, Eva Carneiro, over the last six weeks has been horrendous.

If you haven’t heard, Carneiro, faced the wrath of Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, when she took player Eden Hazard off the pitch to treat him during their 2-2 result with Swansea City.

Mourinho then proceeded to rant and rave at Carneiro as she returned to the dugout. Chelsea physiotherapist, Jon Fearn, also received some choice words from Mourinho but it was what happened to Carneiro afterwards that disgusted me.

Mourinho is a the manager of a football club. Outside the sport of football, Mourinho really isn’t that important.

The world could continue to function without football managers but absolute chaos would ensue without doctors.

When Carneiro made the decision to treat Hazard she was following the Hippocratic Oath. Carneiro was putting the health of a patient at the very top of her priorities because that’s what she was paid to do.

No one should have to put up with being shouted and roared at in their place of work. There are ways and means of communicating and attempting to make someone feel small is not just abhorrent, it’s utterly pathetic.

Carneiro was publicly vilified by Mourinho who described her as “naive” and said “even if you are a kit man, doctor or secretary on the bench, you have to understand the game.”

Mourinho should have abandoned ambiguity and what he should have said instead is that women can’t understand football.

Carneiro is an excellent example of someone achieving success on merit. Not only did she break through into a male dominated support she has gone on to become one of the most revered doctors in the game, neither of which are easily done.

Since that ill-fated August afternoon, Carneiro, has had her picture published in virtually every newspaper across the land, people have sold stories about her sex life and her reputation has been completely undermined.

I could understand Mourinho’s anger if Carneiro had done something she was not supposed to, but she was fulfilling her duties as a doctor - she was doing her job.

What makes the incident even more ridiculous is the fact that several high ranking referees have said the match could not have been re-started even had Carneiro and Hearn refused to come on.

Instead of admitting his mistake and his ill thought out comments, Mourinho has opted to allow the incident fester.

Some would have you believe that footballers are synonymous with bravery but when Carneiro took the decision to walk away from Chelsea earlier this week, it showed she had a pair of cojones that Mourinho could only ever dream of.

Chelsea fans laud Mourinho as the “special one” but there’s nothing special about traducing a person’s reputation to the extent where they feel they have no choice but to walk away.

Women’s football might be lagging behind the male game but that doesn’t mean it can be used as an excuse to vilify and publicly denounce a woman trying to make a living.

Football has long been infected with sexism and the case of Eva Carneiro will not help matters.