ONLY A GAME? - Will John Terry ever prove me wrong?

John Terry and Anton Ferdinand
John Terry and Anton Ferdinand

If John Terry were a politician he would have been forced to resign many years ago.

Reliably horrible Terry grabbed the headlines for all of the wrong reasons again this week when it was alleged he racially insulted a fellow player.

The incident allegedly took place during Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to QPR last Sunday.

Video footage clearly shows Terry direct the words ‘you black f*****g c**t’ at QPR defender Anton Ferdinand last Sunday. However, the 32 year-old England claims that it was taken out of context and that he said ‘Anton, I didn’t call you a black f*****g c**t’. If you watch the video footage it’s undeniable that Terry uses the words but team mate Ashley Cole walks in front of the camera milliseconds before Terry spouts his vitriol but was there enough time to say what he claims to have said? Who knows?

The FA have launched an investigation and the results will be known soon. I just hope they have the courage to tell the truth if it transpires that Terry used abusive language.

Terry’s credibility as a role model has been up for debate for a long time.

Last year he was at the centre of sex scandal where he allegedly had an affair with the fiancée of former team-mate Wayne Bridge.

Earlier in his career Terry was involved in a brawl outside of a nightclub.

There have been countless allegations laid at Terry’s door in the past and whether he’s found to have racially abused Ferdinand or not I wouldn’t want to spend five seconds never mind five minutes in his company.

After the Wayne Bridge debacle Terry was stripped of the England captaincy but England manager Fabio Capello decided to reinstate him.

Perhaps the thing that has bothered me the most about the alleged incident is how Chelsea manager Andreas Villas-Boas has dealt with it.

The findings of the investigation have not been heard and yet Villas-Boas has gone on the record to say what a fantastic human being John Terry is. I wonder will he be as forthcoming to offer an apology if Terry is found to be in the wrong.

The only treatment people like John Terry understand is punishment. In order for the message to get through the FA must take a hard line approach with players like Terry otherwise football is doomed.

What kind of message does having a person as England captain send out any way. Never mind the fact that he has the intelligence of paving stone, Terry does not come across as a nice person. He, like so many other English players, are only in the game to get as much money as they can.

Terry’s behaviour off the pitch has been a bone of contention for many football fans and how the English supporters can stand by and defend such a vile character is beyond me.

I know that some people might highlight the fact that it was the English media and fans who elevated the role of the England captain to what it is now but just because something is artificial and ceremonial doesn’t mean that you can go around treating everyone around you like dirt.

The sooner football is rid of players like John Terry the better. They bring absolutely nothing positive to the game and let’s face it, he’s a very average player at best.

John Terry has been dining out on the fact that he’s Chelsea and England captain for too long; it’s about time that someone brought him back down to size.

Any player, whether he play for QPR or Chelsea, should have the courage and conviction to come forward to tell the FA what, if anything, they witnessed last week,

Terry’s story has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese and what would totally discredit him would be witness statements.

Newspapers have been quoting one ubiquitous source this week but unless the person goes on the record there is very little the FA can do.

If Terry did say what has been alleged then he deserves everything he gets. A few weeks ago the Minister for Defence, Dr. Liam Fox was forced to resign after he admitted he “blurred” his professional life with his personal one. If you ask me John Terry has been smudging as opposed to blurring and if people like Dr. Fox are forced to fall on their swords then so should people like John Terry.