Our lives are shaped by our relationships

I thought it would be a good idea to visit my sister this week. Thankfully her front door was unlocked and I announced my arrival only to be greeted by silence. Upon opening the door of the living room I remembered my parents are away on holiday and my sister was now dog sitting. Needless to say the temporary guard dog tried to lick me to death before I struggled onto the sofa. Ever since my nephew was born the dog and I have formed our own support group due to the lack of attention and affection we now receive from the rest of the family.

Obviously the child and mother were in bed snatching some sleep so the dog and I sadly looked at each other and stared and stared and stared. I could only stay ten minutes and when I realised the dog wasn’t going to make me tea I decided to rush off because I had a christening in Trench Road Church. As a result, I was actually early for the baptism. but by 2.05pm only a few of the family and friends had arrived so I went to the front doors of the church to see if there was any sign of a baby.

Apparently everyone had been standing outside for ten minutes because they couldn’t open the church doors. The child’s father was pulling away at the door to no avail. If he had pushed the door he might have had greater success rather than standing outside in the rain. One of the family commented if they had of been standing outside much longer they would have been in time of the wain’s first communion. This wasn’t the end of the fun because the poor godmother got all flustered, firstly during the reception of the child ceremony she made a sign of the cross on herself instead of on the infant’s forehead. Two minutes later her mobile phone rang and as she struggled through her handbag she produced a phone that was older than me. By the time the commotion had ended the godmother was the same colour as her red phone.

Our lives are shaped through relationships, from those with our parents, brothers, sisters and family and those we began on the day of our baptism. Our journey in faith only begins during the baptism ceremony and from that moment we realise we are not on our own, nor are our parents. Faith is a gift we receive through the church, a gift which has been passed on through successive generations. The gift of faith has to be embraced by ourselves and we have to take our responsibilities seriously. If we truly claim to be followers of Christ then our relationship with God has to be reflected in the way we live our lives, how we determine our priorities and how we make decisions. In the gospel Jesus provocatively challenges to think seriously about what we have committed our lives to. Are we really prepared to make changes or alter our values and outlook to more faithfully respond to the relationship God has called all his children to.