Please “Butt” Out Anthony!

Anthony Buttimer! You really couldn’t invent him, could you?

The question though is not whether he always negatively affects our games, but why on earth the F.A.I. continue to appoint him.

The reasons for his continuous controversial performances when on the same pitch as those famous “Candy Striped” shirts are becoming irrelevant. But the record itself doesn’t lie - and it’s there for all to see.

So when something so obviously doesn’t work, it surely doesn’t take a Stephen Hawkins to suss out that it night be a good idea to change it. Or this idea that he more controversial a referee is, the more his association has to support him.

As this “support” involves continuing to put him into situations where history proves he will continue to make to a holy show of himself.. It will soon get to the stage where we’ll all be starting to feel sorry for the man.

The R.D.S. in 2008; the Cretaro free-kick in the Sligo Showgrounds; the two McEleney’s red carded, for what? and now big Stew. As Perry Mason might have put it: “Let the record show . . . .

As I tried to get my head around it I identified possibly four reasons for Anthony’s bizarre behaviour.

The first, coincidence? I’ll leave that one with you.

The second, he’s a poor referee (poor in that he’s not very good), I’ll leave that one with you as well.

The third is a bit more out in the left field. Could it be that, when they see Anthony, all our players go completely insane and start doing things they never do in front of any other referee? Over to you again.

And the fourth? I’m afraid that it’s such an unworthy thought that I can’t even bear to think about it myself.