Preparing for the Feast

There is a lot of material available for anyone who wants to find out about Saint Patrick. Instead of spending hours in the library, (and I am not saying that that is a bad thing.) you can get lots of information on the internet in a few minutes. Go to Google.

Don’t bother with Naomh Pádraig CSC (A Celtic Supporters Club in Dublin with its name in Irish!) nor with Naomh Pádraig GAA. (I don’t know whether the Saint played soccer or Gaelic football.) Finally you come to entries about the Saint himself.

There is no shortage of sites. www.seomraranga is very interesting: it has a Powerpoint presentation.

The BBC site is very worthwhile. It presents the life of the Saint for children between 7 and 11 years of age. It says on the site: ‘Although the resources are for children, adults will enjoy the interactive experience‘. Parents and children can learn together.

There are countless books available about Saint Patrick. I found a very nice one in the Veritas shop in Derry recently: ‘ Saol Naomh Pádraig/The Life of Saint Patrick’.

It is a bilingual book, with a CD. Professor Alan Titley translated the story from English and he reads the Irish version. Maureen O’Hara reads the story in English.

Again, it is a valuable resource for the adult learner. The illustrations are beautiful. It is an ideal gift for children.

There are a few mistakes in the Irish text: for example, it is obvious that the computer changed ‘siad’ to ‘said’ a few times at the start of the book but a parent or teacher can correct that very easily for the child. So get to the library, or the bookshop, and use the computer. You will really enjoy the research.