Season to kick-off for Derry City

Picture Margaret McLaughlin � by-line
Picture Margaret McLaughlin � by-line

During the off-season in the League of Ireland things are generally quiet and there is little for the media to comment on.

But that hasn’t been the case at Derry City where new manager, Roddy Collins, has managed single-handedly to keep the ‘Candy Stripes’ very much in the public eye.

Roddy deserves great credit for this but he’s been about the game long enough to know that he’s now entering a critical period even before the season begins.

With pre-season training started at the local Vale Centre, now is the time when the manager selects the squad who will, hopefully, challenge for titles and cups this season.

The manager is doing the right thing by bringing players in for training so that Peter Hutton and himself can see them in action before making up their minds on offering contracts.

I must say I’m delighted on a personal level to see that Dean Jarvis has re-signed as I really rate the local man and talented left backs are difficult to find these days.

It will be interesting to see some of the new faces in action tonight at Limavady United as, realistically, our ‘season’ now kicks-off.