Stick that in your pipe and (don’t) smoke it

Please don't share your second hand smoke with my children
Please don't share your second hand smoke with my children

You know me all well enough by now to know that sometimes I tend to wander off on a bit of a rant.

After last week suggesting we all be kind to one another, I would like to add one exception to that rule.

The focus of my scorn is (and I risk getting a kick in the legs on Monday morning for saying this) - the school gate smoker.

It seems that on almost every occasion I leave my children to school we are forced to walk through a huddle of mothers standing directly in front of the school gate, chattering about whatever takes their fancy and - having dropped off their school age children for the day - enjoying an early morning puff.

It’s bad enough these mothers block our path necessitating a line of “excuse mes” and “sorries” as we run the gauntlet through them - but to have to walk through their clouds of cigarette smoke as we do, takes the biscuit.

Now I’m not against smokers as such.

What you choose to do to your body is your own business. Just don’t force your choices on others - and especially not on my children who are forced to inhale your stinky smoke as they make their way into their classrooms first thing.

I’m surprised in fact to see that many of these smoking mothers don’t seem to care about the dangers of second hand smoke.

I could have perhaps given them some kudos for at least waiting until their own children were safely ensconced in the classroom before lighting up if so many of them could not be seen happily puffing over the top of a buggy where a toddler or baby is inhaling any number of the vile chemicals contained within those carcinogenic little sticks of nicotine they are puffing on.

In a world where we know, without doubt, that smoking comes under the category of Very Bad Thing I cannot understand how any semi educated person still thinks it remotely acceptable to smoke in the presence of children.

I know, I suppose, that outside the school gates is technically a public place but when children have no choice but to pass by this action is nothing short of selfish. My asthmatic daughter really doesn’t need a lung full of cigarette smoke on her way to primary one.

Hold on, if you can, just a few more minutes until you are harming no-one but yourself and fellow smokers and by all means feed your addiction.

I understand giving up smoking is not easy at all - but please have consideration for others. It really doesn’t require that much effort.