Taking the time to hear God’s word

Despite the torrential rain these long weeks between the end of the World Cup and the beginning of the premiership are like being in the desert or the wilderness.

So in search of news and developments in the arena of football I have been watching friendlies at midnight and listening to sport’s radio stations throughout the day. As I desperately wait for the kick-off of the new season I impatiently wait through television commercials and advertisements on commercial radio. Generally during the Ad breaks I lose interest, especially on the radio because there so repetitive. All you hear are adverts for DIY stores, sports goods, betting apps, car and life insurance offering unbelievable deals which nearly make you reach for the phone or your computer until you hear the offer excludes Northern Ireland. Eating my breakfast the other morning why ears pricked up at a commercial offering compensation for hearing loss or damage.

Ironically I could be excluded from the offer because I had no difficulty in hearing the commercial. It might have been the Derry-man in me which got all excited at the mention of claims and compensation. Yet the advert explained it you were missing parts of conversations or struggled with your hearing it might the result of industrial deafness. This affliction could be caused years of suffering in working conditions governed by loud machinery and noises. I suddenly wondered if loud or constant singing could be termed industrial noise when it occurred in the church or parochial house. If I recorded Fr Colhourn singing would I have a chance of a claim. Surely Fr Canny as our line manager should be providing the staff working in the parochial house and sacristies with head phones or other ear protection. You’ll know if my claim was successful if you see me driving about in a new car in the next few weeks. Well you mightn’t see me but you might see my two raised arms and hands turning the steering wheel.

We live in a world governed by constant noise. Dealing with such a deluge of messages life can become very complicated and crowded. When faced with so many decisions and choices it can be life changing the channels with the TV remote control. In today’s technological world you could be watching TV, listening to the radio, surfing the internet on our tablet and texting or messaging on your phone all at the one time. With so much activity we can miss out on the most important presence in our lives. God approaches his people often through silence, we need an opportunity to reflect on where God can be found in the people we share our lives with and the events characterise and shape our days. Unless we take time to hear God’s word and encounter Jesus in the sacraments, we will fail to be properly spiritually fed or nourished.