The ACC and the O’Donnell case

PSNI assistant chief constable Judith Gillespie won lavish praise for her performance last week at the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly in London.

“She brought passion, conviction and incisiveness to the table,” wrote journalist Gary Kemp.

Lord Paul Bew hailed her “stirring speech”. TD Aengus O Snodaigh congratulated her in fulsome terms.

She is obviously brilliant at public relations.

But she might be more constructively employed were she to begin to deliver on her promise to deal with the O’Donnell case.

Details of the bizarre imbroglio involving the Waterside family of Carl and Carolann O’Donnell have twice been handed to the ACC; twice she has promised a thorough investigation; twice the O’Donnells feel they’ve been thoroughly let down.

Could ACC Gillespie maybe spare a little time from telling politicians and journalists what they want to hear and instead take a serious look at last at this perplexing, horrendous case?