The answer could be to enjoy what we have

I like to think I’m not a hoarder, my mother is and naturally my father is the opposite because he’s not into sentimentally.

This can cause the odd Mexican stand-off at home because the attic is busting at the seams and the only wonder is how the ceiling hasn’t collapsed under an assortment of bric-a-brac.

My father would dump everything, which is in tune with his subtle ways. Even if an item or object is broken, or hopelessly out of date and unfashionable, my mother will still cling to it for dear life: it might come in handy some rainy day seems to be the mantra.

Indeed the rainy day could be the moment the contents of the attic plunge into the kitchen and sitting room below.

The loft space has become a graveyard for old Christmas and birthday presents. Through the successive years and occasions these had been pleaded for as the answer to every child’s dreams.

Every year, depending on the current trends, a new hope formed in our minds and we began to wear our parents down with hints and suggestions months in advance. When we were younger, life was easier for our parents and Santa for that matter because we were given what they thought would interest us and above all keep us occupied and quiet for a few months.

At one stage I think my parents were more worried about the size and scale of the cardboard box the present came in because I got more fun and enjoyment from the packaging. This was the biggest irony for my mother had no problem with dumping the boxes even though they entertained us for days.

Our parents have a great responsibility as they introduce their children to the fundamental experience of what it means to be loved. A parent’s guardianship reminds all children about God our Father’s care for all he has created and loved.

As a Father and as a parent we come before God with our own worries and concerns depending on what’s happening in our lives.

When we are in difficulty we find it easier to make time and approach God. Often what we pray for reflects our own priorities. We all want to be happy and to enjoy life. However more and more we turn away from God and try to find happiness and contentment through what we can purchase or possess. We try to crowd as much into our lives thinking the more we enjoy the more we have then automatically we will be happier people. Only if we had the latest fashion or gadget then our lives would be complete. Father Ron Rolheiser as insightful as ever begins a reflection: The answer? A simpler life. But we live with constant pressure, to see more, consume more, buy more, and drink in more of life. To quote Mary Jo Leddy, we must, at some point say this, I have enough. Life is enough. I need to gratefully enjoy what I have.’