The Doc - ‘Not so keen on Keano’

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Despite being the most influential player of his time in the Premiership, not too many teams seem keen (pardon the pun) to take a chance on Roy Keane in a management role.

The man of steel who ran the midfield for Man United for close to 10 years and took on and defeated all opposition, doesn’t seem able to carry all before him when it comes to so called man management.

After his stint as manager of Sunderland it seems none of the “big boys” want to take a chance on Keano.

The word in the game is that he is difficult to work with, doesn’t take advice and falls out with practically everyone he comes in contact with.

Even clubs not in the Premiership aren’t prepared to take a chance as in the case recently of one of his previous clubs now in the Championship, Nottingham Forrest.

Keano’s interest in managing Blackburn Rovers doesn’t seem to be reciprocated and the Cork man is now considering a move to Turkish club, Kasimpasa.

Like most Turkish clubs Kasimpasa don’t keep their managers very long in post and so as an admirer of Keano the player, I hope Roy doesn’t let his heart rule his head and apply for this particular job.