The Doc’s Prescription - An Italian Decision

It MAY seem like a very obvious statement, but Italy even in the football sense is a very different country to the United Kingdom.

In Italy very public indiscretions are overlooked if one is a very famous figure, either political or sporting, but here the public, both sporting or at large, can be very unforgiving if somewhat hypocritical.

Can anyone imagine Silvio Berlusconi behaving as he does and still being the leader of any other European country other than Italy.

That’s why I think Fabio Capello’s decision to reinstate John Terry as England captain was more of an “Italian” decision and may not be well received by fans or players of the ‘Three Lions’.

When Capello stripped the captaincy from Terry without giving the Chelsea defender a chance to explain his side of the story, he was regarded by English fans and the English media in particular as a strong leader.

One leading right wing daily newspaper actually featured their sporting front page with the headline “Grazie Signor Capello’. Everyone was at pains to explain that the decision was taken for the greater good of the team and it needed a strong “outsider” like Capello to focus everyone’s minds on the ultimate football prize and nothing else.

Even though his assistant has made it clear that once fit Rio Ferdinand will regain the captaincy, this decision makes nonsense of Capello’s strong man image.

I have equally no doubt that behind the scenes Terry’s advisers were pushing for this decision and telling the Italian that the Londoner was a “reformed” man.

Even on form Terry shouldn’t even be in the English international squad but such is the dearth of talent available in the centre back position that Terry is an automatic choice despite being very poor for Chelsea all season. However it appears the die is cast and Terry will once again lead his country despite the misgivings of many.

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