The Doc’s prescription - An Uncomfortable truth, Fernando!

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Last week Fernando Torres faced us with an uncomfortable truth when he declared “romance in football is dead” at his first Chelsea Press Conference. In a fairly frank interview, Torres said that he had simply run out of patience with Liverpool and feared that he was missing out on domestic and European glory which many of his Spanish team mates were enjoying. He also made the point that although idolised by the Liverpool fans he had never been a “badge kisser”.

In fact he made it quite clear he was an Atletico Madrid fan and would remain so and theirs was the only badge he would consider kissing.

In the modern game, claimed Torres, players are always coming and going and that while some players like the badge kissing act he wasn’t one of them. He said all he wanted to do was score goals and enjoy success. The Club (Liverpool or any other Club) finds itself in a very difficult position when its star player so obviously wants to leave.

Despite the logic that says there is no point in holding on to a player who doesn’t want to play for you the club must be seen to make every effort to keep the player or face the wrath of the fans.

And why did the fans idolise Torres when he quite clearly was not giving enough effort in the club’s attempts to get themselves out of a relegation dog fight? Any player other than Torres would have been taken apart by the fans for his scandalous performances. But Torres was Liverpool’s “Golden Boy” so the fans treated him like a demi-god while in my opinion he was a disgrace to the famous red shirt. Torres told us the truth at his Press Conference and the sooner we realise that top stars will always follow the money the better it will be for all.

It’s the game we love not the overpaid so called stars who unfortunately dominate our support.

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