The Doc’s Prescription - Armstrong’s Drugs Fall-Out!

John Giles/PA Wire.
John Giles/PA Wire.

Although he has not admitted any guilt, the fall-out from Lance Armstrong’s alleged drug taking continues unabated.

Having recovered from Testicular Cancer, Armstrong set-up “Livestrong” as a Cancer Charity and it has attracted nearly $500 million in donations since 1997.

In fact, in 2011 alone, “Livestrong” raised $35 million for this very worthy cause and much of it donated by big name celebrities and organisations.

Among the list of celeb donors are New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and Ellis Short, the American owner of Sunderland Football Club, while the sportswear giants, Nike, are also a contributor.

At the moment all these donors are making the right noises but as more and more revelations about Armstrong’s alleged drug taking continues to emerge, it will be interesting to see if they continue their donations.

Armstrong was a hero of mine and like so many others across the globe, I was totally and utterly shocked at not only the accusations but the sheer scale of them.

That said, I do hope that “Livestrong” does not become another casualty in the drugs fall-out.