The Doc’s Prescription - Bayern Bound

(AP Photo/Arturo Rodriguez)
(AP Photo/Arturo Rodriguez)

Only Pep Guardiola knows the true reasoning behind his surprise move to Bayern Munich.

After all he must surely have been tempted by the riches on offer at Chelsea, Man City or Paris St Germain.

There will be those who say he remained true to his principles and went to a club where the fans still matter and indeed, have a say.

The same people would also say that because there are many similarities between Bayern and Barcelona then the German giants were always going to be favourites for Guardiola’s signature.

There is another school of thought that suggests that Guardiola just couldn’t work for somebody like Roman Abramovich and that’s why he moved to Bayern.

Then there are the conspiracy theorists who believe that Pep didn’t want to move to the Premiership in case that put him in direct opposition to his old nemesis Jose Mourinho who, it’s firmly thought, will be Premiership-bound at the end of the season.

Mourinho, after all, is ‘credited’ with being responsible for Guardiola’s ‘burn out’ at Barcelona and his subsequent year out of football.

Whatever his reason the Catalan will be the best paid manager in the club’s history, earning a reputed E8 to E10 million a year.

Whatever reasons are behind his move and the Hollywood style status accorded to Guardiola in a few months he will have to start winning matches and trophies or he will simply be another big name casualty. It is football after all.