The Doc’s Prescription - Club before County

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WHEN Derry captain, Paddy Bradley speaks out about the Oak Leaf set-up then we simply have to listen!

Some might take it as sour grapes but I believe he’s merely voicing the frustrations currently felt by players, management and supporters.

Players, particularly after a bad season, will always think things could have been done better but the most frightening thing that Bradley asserts is that some of our best players no longer see it as an honour to represent their county.

This, if true, is really serious stuff and unless addressed properly and quickly it will have a huge effect on trying to rebuild our fortunes.

Although he doesn’t criticise the current management set-up directly, some of what Bradley says is clearly aimed at John Brennan and his backroom staff.

For example, when he states that low turnouts for training made 15 a-side games impossible. His criticism of the County Board’s club fixture list will find much sympathy among those who believe that the over-emphasis of club football in Derry is detrimental to us having a successful county side.

One thing’s for sure and that is something is seriously wrong and must be put right otherwise all the county’s rebuilding efforts achieve nothing.