The Doc’s Prescription - F.I.F.A.’s Mystery Nomination

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Sometimes I, like many other football fans, wonder just who sits on the faceless committees that nominate people for awards.

The FIFA shortlist for ‘manager of the year’ did not contain the name of Athletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone (below), despite the fact that he led the team to Europa League and European Super Cup success.

Indeed, in the play-off game for the Super Cup his team hammered Champions League winners Chelsea 4-1.

He also led his side to a 23 games unbeaten run - the longest in their history - yet the same committee nominated Sir Alex Ferguson and Jupp Heynckes, neither of whose teams won any leagues or cups!

Readers of this column know I’m a big fan of Sir Alex’s style of management but his famous ‘red’ face must have turned bright crimson after this ludicrous nomination.

Not to be out-done, another FIFA committee managed to nominate Man City’s Mario Balotelli in their Ballon D’or list.

Real players like David Silva and Chelsea’s Juan Mata were once again left out.

Baloteli’s few moments of brilliance do not make up for dozens of games either spent on the bench or being ineffectual on the pitch.

Get rid of these clowns and their ludicrous nominations and let real football people do the job!