The Doc’s Prescription - ‘Gers’ demotion wrong decision for Scottish Football!

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I was firmly of the belief that Rangers should have been punished for their tax dodging activities but I am not sure that sending them to the Third Division of the Scottish Football League was the best sentence that could have been passed.

Before the vote was taken, the media had a field day demanding that justice (whatever that means in sport!)be done and more importantly be seen to be done. So Rangers were handed their sack-cloth and ashes and will next season enjoy visits to teams like Elgin City, Montrose and East Stirlingshire. a principle has been upheld triumphed the media but at what cost and were other punishments not more suitable? Celtic in particular were spinning the line that it will make no difference to the SPL but of course it will and not for the better.

The magical atmosphere of the Old Firm derbies is unique and cannot be replaced. The SPL is now a one-horse race and all the other clubs will be relying on Celtic revenue as apposed to the usual ‘Big Two’ contributions. The standard of football in the SPL was largely determined by Celtic and Rangers so that will suffer as well. Even as a television product, the SPL has been damaged almost beyond repair.

Could the trophies won by Rangers not have been scrubbed from the history books and Rangers been even more heavily fined and possibly this ‘fine’ to last three seasons? Also during that period (three seasons) the club could have been docked points and denied entry into Europe.

Something could have been done that wouldn’t have damaged other innocent clubs along the way. Those who cheered as Rangers headed for the ‘Exit Door’ should ponder the future for SPL Football!

Do you back Rangers demotion to Div 3?