The Doc’s Prescription - I’m the Boss Man!

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LIVERPOOL Football Club’s new manager, Brendan Rodgers is a man who will either succeed or fail by doing things his way and his way alone!

The 39 year-old Carnlough man refused to play the American owners’ game by joining a list of possible candidates to be interviewed and then followed this up by stating that if the club installed a Director of Football then he wouldn’t become manager.

The fact that someone of the stature of Louis Van Gaal was being touted for the post of Director of Football shows the belief that Rodgers has in his own ability and also shows just how much he has impressed the Anfield owners.

His first press conference on Friday last was also a masterclass and it must have seemed like an early Christmas present to a press pack used to the answers or non-answers of a tacitum Kenny Dalglish.

The new Reds boss also recognised that he wasn’t the big name many fans had hoped for and so lauded the Anfield faithful at ever opportunity at his inaugural press conference.

He also set out the way he wants to play which is based on the Barcelona system, but having watched his Swansea side last season they were also quite poor defensively so that may be a weakness others can exploit.

One thing’s for sure, it’s exciting times ahead for both Rodgers and Liverpool.

Will it be a match made in heaven or will the weight of expectations crush the new boss? Only time will tell if indeed he’s allowed the luxury of time to rebuild.

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