The Doc’s Prescription - ‘If you are a Manchester United fan you will be grinning from ear to ear’

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson

THE European Champions’ League draw dished out its usual mixture of “good” and “bad” pairings for our favourite teams.

If you are a Manchester United fan you will be grinning from ear to ear after being paired with Braga, Galatasary and Romanian club, Cluj.

And Sir Alex began to talk up his opposition this week but that was simply a gesture for the Press.

The Glaswegian will have then retired to his office, put his feet up on his desk, managed a rare smile and probably poured himself a glass of his best red wine.

But United will be mindful of last year, however, it would be a massive upset if they don’t at least qualify from this particular group.

Across the city in the blue half of Manchester, Roberto Mancini must be wondering if ‘lady luck’ has deserted him after finding himself in another “group of death” - Real Madrid, Ajax and Borussia Dortmund.

City, who I believe are not as good a team as their personnel suggests, might struggle to get out of this group if they don’t get a good opening result.

Arsenal are probably the weakest of the Premiership entries but are in a relatively easy group and are capable of qualifying but they need to beware of their on the road results.

Chelsea, on whom the “draw gods” have smiled this time around, are well capable of heading up Group E with a challenge perhaps from a fairly ordinary Juventus side.

Scottish champions, Celtic will have to pull out all the stops in their group and the second qualifying spot could be between them and Benfica.

Celtic fans will relish taking on the footballing maestros of Barcelona and the TV money from these games will also swell the Parkhead coffers.

There’s plenty to get excited about, so let the games begin.