The Doc’s Prescription - Man Management

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In the latest edition of the football magazine, ‘Elite Soccer’, new Spurs boss Andre Villa-Boas or AVB as he seems to be known, sets out to teach the readers how to coach. He talks through something he calls ‘possession principles’ in great detail. This is of course accompanied by a series of detailed drawings showing precise player movement and drills that can be practised to make you a better player at this particular skill or tactic.

All great stuff if you happen to be studying for a coaching badge but what does it mean in the real world of professional football? Very little I would imagine as the real skill with these egocentric, overpaid stars of the modern football world is man-management, not coaching of tactics!

Unfortunately, in his stint at Chelsea, AVB was found distinctly lacking in this particular old fashioned, but very necessary, ‘skill. Can anyone imagine, Sir Alex, Shankly or Bob Paisley spouting this sort of stuff from coaching manuals?

Some things in football haven’t changed and the ability to take a group of players and mould them into a team is one of them.

Spurs Fans - what’s your take on AVB? Where do you think Spurs will finish this season?