The Doc’s Prescription - Managers should watch what they say!

Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert PRESS ASSOCIATION
Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert PRESS ASSOCIATION

The world of football is dominated by people, both players and managers who just won’t learn to let displays or results do their talking for them.

Players I can understand (if not respect) because of their vastly inflated egos but you would think managers would have a bit more sense.

Recently after defeating Liverpool (explain that one) Aston Villa manager, Paul Lambert gave us the, by now, obligatory speech about things coming right, always believing in his players and of course that he was on the right track.

Of course Villa then suffered some really bad results making his comments look absolutely silly but of course Lambert isn’t now telling us that in actual fact he got it completely wrong and that Villa have not ‘turned the corner’.

Then Harry Redknapp pulled off an admittedly great unexpected result by defeating Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge and that’s the cue for the press conference and the speech.

Harry didn’t disappoint us and stated; “If you work as hard as we do, you get your rewards.”

Well if that’s true can Harry explain their previous results and of course you know the answer to that - he can’t.

Well maybe I can help him it’s just that QPR are a poor Premiership side and with only two victories in 21 games they look a good bet for relegation.

If he saves this lot then the manager deserves to be known as ‘Harry Houdini’.

But my ultimate award in this category goes to Birmingham manager, Lee Clarke who after defeat to Bolton gave us the old chestnut; ‘I’ll play 11 youth team players if this continues.”

Altogether now, “Oh no you won’t!”. Well it is pantomime time.