The Doc’s Prescription - Say No To Racism

(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)
(AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Regular readers of this column will know that, in my opinion, some of today’s professional footballers believe they are above the laws of both God and man.

Their huge salaries seem to somehow lead them to believe that the real world is the “bubble” they inhabit.

More proof of this was to be had with the recent racial abuse cases of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Chelsea’s John Terry (pictured above).

Both players clearly have a sense of grievance about the “punishments” they were given as a result of their actions.

Yet back in the world that you and I live in, had we been found guilty of these offences we would almost certainly lose our job and probably a lot of our friends as well.

So where does that leave the stance taken by Liverpool and former boss, Kenny Dalglish in particular over the Suarez/Patrice Evra incident?

In real life we would be totally against racism in any form and rightly condemn anyone involved in it in any way.

However, when it comes to football we seem to be able to find reasons and excuses for the behaviour of our idols.

Indeed ordinary, decent Liverpool fans line up to boo Evra for complaining about being racially abused.

Now John Terry is making noises about appealing against his ban and fine for racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand.

I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life and we have all made mistakes.

But surely accepting responsibility for our actions is the start of any process of reconciliation.

Not in the “bubble” that is the world of professional football if recent events are anything to go by.