The Doc’s Prescription - The Crazy World of Football

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IT COULD only happen in the crazy world of football!

Midfielder, Kevin Nolan leaves Premiership club, Newcastle United to join Championship team, West Ham United and gets a raise of £15,000 per week.

And as if that’s not enough, we then have self-publicist Joey Barton telling us it was a bad decision by the club and that he would probably be the next player to leave Tyneside.

Of course this ‘devastating’ news was delivered to the ‘Toon Faithful’ by Twitter since it was vital that Joey’s message was delivered to his ‘loyal subjects’ as quickly as possible.

Barton is a totally over-rated player by anyone’s standard who in the past has “twittered” (I still object to this silly nonsense but if you can’t beat them . . . ) that he was the best midfield player in England and should be an automatic choice for Fabio Capello’s England.

Of course what Barton doesn’t “tweet” is that he is on the last year of his current contract and Newcastle (wisely in my opinion) have refused to extend it or raise his wages.

If they were to do so, Joey would immediately inform us that Nolan wouldn’t be missed; that the club is bigger than any one player and that he wants to end his career with Newcastle.

Like most footballers Barton is loyal to his cheque book and nothing else. Barton is a twit and he and Twitter deserve each other.

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