The new-look Wayne Rooney!

Martin Rickett/PA Wire
Martin Rickett/PA Wire

Many of the British tabloids have recently carried stories of Wayne Rooney’s imminent departure from Manchester United which, of course, has yet to happen.

In fact, regular readers of this column will be aware that I have been consistent in suggesting that Rooney would remain at Old Trafford and I remain convinced of that.

Now, of course, the very same tabloids have changed tact slightly and gone with stories in relation to “peace” being achieved between the player and manager, David Moyes, with “Fergie” weighing-in from the sidelines when praising Rooney’s efforts for the “Red Devils.”

But Rooney and Moyes do agree on one thing and that is that the striker’s fitness level has been the best for quite some time.

At this level of the game a player obviously requires great skill but without top levels of fitness that player would not be in a position to use those skills to the best of his ability.

Even the incredible Messi and unstoppable Ronaldo continue to be superb athletes in their own right and young players should take note that nothing is given easily in the modern game. A player must earn the right to play everytime he crosses the white line.

That said, football remains a sport for skilfull players but they must also boast great athleticism.