The parable of ‘The North’ and ‘The South’

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Once upon a time, a small country was divided into two.

Now there’s ‘The North’ and ‘The South’.

Many people in ‘The South’ are employed in high-tech manufacturing industries.

They thrived right through the tough economic times. ‘The North’ used to have manufacturing industries too but most of them failed.

Now there’s hardly any industry and almost everyone who has a job there works for the government.

Even those who do work for the government have had their pay rates frozen for a long time.

People only get pay rises if they’re lucky enough to be politicians.

People in ‘The South’ tend to be happy.

They often enjoy themselves, even when money is scarce. In contrast, people in ‘The North’ tend to be unhappy.

They stay at home in the evenings and are often miserable. What’s particularly annoying for them is the thought that people in ‘The South’ are probably enjoying themselves at the same time as they’re miserable.

‘The South’ is relaxed and people are laid-back but ‘The North’ is tense and militarised.

People in ‘The North’ have little or no colour or fun in their lives.

Their only enjoyment is derived from waving their national flag and taking part in big parades.

These military style parades are especially enjoyable when participants know they’re annoying their enemies.

It’s even better when the marches are supported by political leaders and they sometimes come to watch.

Life in North Korea doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it?