The pitter patter of tiny Royal feet awaits

So the news broke this week that Kate and Wills are expecting a spare to complement their heir.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that Prince George will soon have a sibling and that Kate, once again, is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarium (severe vomiting in pregnancy - which prompted the early announcement of the good news

The media went mad over it. Social media was one big long reaction to the news that there was another royal baby in the offing.

My reaction? Well as is appropriate when you hear anyone is expecting a child, I thought to myself “Sure isn’t that nice for them” and went on about my life.

Because the arrival of the royal baby won’t make any difference to me. (Unless we get a special Bank Holiday to celebrate). It won’t make my life any easier, or indeed any more difficult.

I will still have the same commitments, the same interests and the same worries as I had before.I’m more interested in the impending arrival of my sister’s baby - no offence to Kate and Wills of course. I’m sure if I knew them I’d be round there in a flash to hold Kate’s hair while she boked her anatomy and mind wee George while Wills nipped out to Tesco for something for the dinner.

But as I don’t know them, and as the baby won’t really impact on my life at all, I’ll keep my attentions closer to home. Sure the celebrations surrounding the arrival of the latest member of my extended family won’t match those surrounding the arrival of Baby Cambridge in scope, cost or media coverage. But that baby will be as cherished and loved. He will be royalty to us.

Every baby’s arrival is special. Not every baby will make the headlines. There are children born next year, along with new prince of princess - who will be born into poverty and disadvantage. The media won’t be half as concerned about those babies than they will about baby Cambridge Mark II.

The issue of child poverty will still be swept under the carpet in the way it always has been. Children’s services will still be woefully underfunded. The Twitterati won’t care much about that. It won’t gain a plethora of articles in every national newspaper and on every news site. But sure - as long as we get a bank holiday out of it and we get to see Kate in a variety of designer maternity wear we should all be happy.No, while I do wish them well, I’ll prefer to save my concern, my joy and my energy for the children who need it.