The Premiership’s “Crying Game!”

Adam Davy/PA Wire.
Adam Davy/PA Wire.

Football is a game of passion and, in the heat of the moment, things are said and done which are generally out of character.

For decades these spats were sorted out after the game with a handshake and are generally forgotten about.

But with the advent of technology these disputes, which previously were normally of a private nature, are now magnified and broadcast into our living rooms, clubs and pubs.

This, in turn, has spawned another modern phenomenon - the public apology or, at least, an explanation.

Newcastle’s Alan Pardew was captured on TV in the middle of a rather foul mouthed rant at Manchester City boss, Manuel Pellegrini and had to publicly apologise for his outburst. This, despite the fact that the two managers had shook hands at the end of the game and Pardew had privately apologised.

Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, is an ‘expert’ at winding up the opposition and this week he had to apologise to David Moyes for saying (what everyone can see) that Manchester United are in turmoil.

Of course this is Mourinho and having already done the damage, so to speak, his apology was probably issued with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

Then we had Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, having to explain the actions of Theo Walcott as he was stretchered off in the recent game against bitter rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

Walcott reminded the Spurs fans of the scoreline (2-0 to Arsenal) and suffered significant verbal abuse from the Spurs support. So is there any chance of the Spurs fans apologising for their loutish behaviour or my fellow ‘Journal’ columnist, Eddie Mahon apologising for his totally unsporting attack on the injured Walcott? Might have something to do with Eddie being a lifelong Spurs fan but, then again, maybe not.

Anyway, just so you all know I won’t be apologising for anything I have written in this column during 2013.

After all, it’s a man’s game!