Thirteen years wed- unlucky for some?

I can remember this day 13 years ago perfectly. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I walked to the local shops with my sister and made a mental list of all that I had to do that week.

I had to get my eyebrows waxed, my fake tan done, my false nails put on and a big ivory frock picked up the bridal shop.

I had a rehearsal to attend - where my daddy and I would walk down the aisle together trying not to laugh as we practised that funny wee walk in time to the music we were humming.

I had to greet the many guests who travelled over to Ireland to attend our wedding - and as an introverted and definitely very shy 24 year old I struggled with being the centre of attention.

I remember feeling that mixture of excitement and that nervousness as the day approached and in the fuss trying to get a few moments alone with my husband to be - to feel that sense of reassurance and to remind ourselves that this was about the marriage that would follow and not all the fun and fanfare of the day.

Not that I didn’t, in the end, love every second of my wedding day but I always knew it was just that - one day. The real fun would start after.

And believe me, in 13 years we have faced our ups and downs, just like most married couples. We have been together through births and bereavements, increasing financial responsibities and times of economic uncertainty, ill health, numerous football tournaments (almost a cause for divorce on a number of occasions) and periods where, at time, it most definitely felt as if we were housemates sharing a roof over our heads rather than a couple who were once so full of romantic notions.

Our take on life has changed - romance is not a big day with champagne and music anymore. It’s more likely to be that quiet glance across the table, when we are sitting engrossed in a conversation with our two children which acknowledges our shared history.

It’s knowing that even on those days when one of us (him) puts dirty dishes in on top of the clean ones in the dishwasher and sparks an OCD rage in the other of us (me) that this will pass.

It’s the quick text message in the day which shows we are in each other’s thoughts.

The relationship we have now is far more complex than it ever was - and while its not perfect by any means - it is where we find our home at the end of the day. Thirteen years have passed quickly. I hope we make it through another 13 - and that we never take the other for granted.