Threading fact and fiction in Derry and on the Street

Carla displays a sample of the knickers made at the factory in Weatherfield.
Carla displays a sample of the knickers made at the factory in Weatherfield.

Around the world the best dressed men used to wear shirts made in Derry. Around the world now the ‘best’ dressed women must wear knickers made on Coronation Street.

Judging by the ones twirled around in Carla’s ‘factory,’ they’re not made with our climate in mind. Is it ironic that they’re made in “Weatherfield”? Well, when I say they’re not suitable for our climate they’re OK for Saturday nights!

Is there a business opportunity here? Could we have a “Weatherfield” brand of knickers? Maybe not as it would imply warm and cosy. Sure that would spoil the great advantage that lingerie has from a business point of view, that the price increases in inverse proportion to the amount of material used in its manufacture. Anyway, I didn’t set out to write about knickers, I just couldn’t resist the temptation!

I set out to write about the far more serious story of former factory worker, Hayley who chose suicide when faced with terminal illness. Many thought the story of Hayley’s death was superbly well acted. It was and it helped the Street clean up in last week’s TV awards.It still made many deeply uncomfortable. Fair enough, Hayley’s case was exceptional because as a transgendered person she was uniquely terrified of losing her identity as cancer took its cruel course, but is it ever wise and responsible to present suicide as a loving, tender, noble and romantic option?

It was all such a far cry from the cruel reality of suicide as we know it in Derry.