Time to appreciate ‘The Bare Necessities’

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There hasn’t been a day this week when the HSBC story wasn’t on the radio or in the papers.

It’s huge news, but I am no longer surprised to hear of the antics of rich people using illegal means to make themselves richer.

Isn’t there a phrase, ‘Those that have money, get money?’

The problem is when they start to make money through channels that are corrupt and unjustifiable.

The current economic climate has also been, to my mind, the result of greedy people wanting more. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, it’s those of us at the bottom of the scale who are paying the price.

In the midst of all this news about rich people wanting more, there was another story playing on my mind.

At Carnhill chapel earlier this week, a family friend was laid to rest. At the service the congregation were told that she had left a note for her family. It was full of great advice but that which spoke the loudest was this.

She mentioned that her family were not to mourn for her for she had made a million memories of their time together, and as a result was entering heaven a millionaire.

Such a profound sentiment and one which has made me stop and think.

Material possessions are something most of us aspire to gain. For me, I would love a new bathroom.

But as I spent the day with my daughters, I forgot about the ‘wants’ and instead enjoyed the ‘here and nows.’

They included my youngest girl giggling until she could hardly breathe, as I blew raspberries on her tummy; my eldest doing a funny dance to ‘The Bare Necessities’; the two of them snuggled up in a blanket together, enjoying each other’s company.

It made me feel like the luckiest person alive.

Which brings me to Martin McCrossan. Many words have been spoken about Martin this past week but it’s clear that above all he was respected and loved throughout the city.

He too was a man who didn’t want for lots, instead he was simply passionate about bringing all that is good about Derry to the tourists who visited here.

He was also taken too soon.

So maybe those that gained money and material possessions through the Swiss banks need a wake-up call. Life is too short so enjoy it with what you have. Being greedy gets you nowhere.