To shout or not to shout?

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal.
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal.

Laid back Manchester United boss, Louis van Gaal, doesn’t believe in the manager prowling about the so called technical area as it does nothing for the team’s on field performance.

The Dutchman’s predecessor, Sir Alex Ferguson, had turned the technical area into his own little ‘theatre’ as he urged on his team and berated all others in close proximity, including opposition benches and fourth officials.

Louis van Gaal takes a very reasoned and logical view when he states that: “players can’t hear you because of all the noise and referees ignore you.”

He also makes the point that the whole point of coaching players all week is that they know how to respond to different situations on the field.

When questioned about Sir Alex’s famous ‘tapping of his watch’ to attempt to influence actual game time, van Gaal was dismissive, saying the referee ignored the United boss completely and used his own discretion. I’m with van Gaal on this one and just watch practically every game on television when a side scores, the manager feels the need to go into the technical area and shout instructions. There is absolutely no logic or tactical reason for this so we can put it down to emotion.

It’s really up to managers if they want to march up and down the technical area but even if they do their influence on the game is practically nil. It may be a cliché but when they cross that white line it’s really up to the players to perform.