Wayne Rooney’s troubled world

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I WAS briefly tempted not to write about Wayne Rooney’s recent ban for swearing but since everyone seems to have had their say, I might as well throw in my tuppence worth.

Rooney, quite rightly, made the point that many other players were not banned for swearing, but he ignores a very valid point in his argument. Football is a highly emotional game and people do swear, but Wayne deliberately picked out a Sky cameraman and decided that the entire football world should experience his full range of expletives!

And that same football world contains many children to whom Rooney has been elevated to hero status and, as a result, is rightly considered a modern day role model . . . so he was out of order.

Indeed, there are those close to Rooney who suggest that the player would prefer not to be a role model, but it comes with the job and the alleged £200,000 per week wage packet so he knew exactly what was at stake when he thrust his snarling face into the camera.

Other apologists for the striker claim that this aggression is part and parcel of the Rooney package, but again this doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

I’m a Rooney fan and I enjoy watching him play with total commitment and superb skill, but to tell us that he’s playing with the weight of the world on his shoulders is a joke.

As for his manufactured spin doctored apology, he knows what he can do with that. I didn’t want Rooney banned, but like many others, I would have thought much more of him had he appeared - even the next day - at a press conference and explained to young fans that what he had done was wrong and expressed his regret.

In my view, that would have gone a long way to restoring his reputation in the eyes of the football world and it would have made us proud to recommend him to youngsters as a role mode.

The apology, when it came, was quite clearly cobbled together by the club and it wouldn’t surprise me to know that Rooney only learned of its contents when it was broadcast to the sporting public.

His banning was probably over the top, but it won’t effect the title race and I doubt it will change Rooney for the better!