We all need to start embracing ‘zero waste’

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This week a little story made some headlines as Tesco pledged to sell eggs in plastic containers instead of the usual cardboard we’re used to.

It seemed frivilous, a ‘non-story’ some might say. But at the root of the matter is food waste.

Tesco insist that the plastic containers will help people waste less eggs because they will see exactly how many are left.

Honestly, in our house eggs are never wasted. In fact, I have a habit of running out, on too regular a basis.

But I am guilty of throwing out food that’s gone mouldy, looks a bit funny or is simply not eaten off the plate.

And it’s a habit I’m conscious of trying to change, especially as it’s costing me money.

On average, the normal household throws away £480 of food a year that could have been consumed - and if you add children into the mix it rises dramatically, sometimes to as much as £60 a month.

There’s quite a few things I could buy with £60 a month, starting with a decent haircut and some new clothes.

But I digress.

As someone who cooks most meals from scratch I try really hard to only buy what I need for each mealtime.

But there’s always a plate of veg that doesn’t get used, mainly because a whole cabbage/brocolli/cauliflower is too much for my husband and I, along with two young children, to eat.

Thankfully at the minute my youngest daughter is weaning so nearly every leftover is pureéd into her lunch for the next day but that won’t last long and the inevitable picky stage is just around the corner, as is the case with my three year old, who has suddenly decided that she doesn’t like pretty much everything I cook!

I do freeze a good lot into portions for later dinners but some days pure laziness means I scrape the ends into the bin.

There are days when I wish we had a dog, just so it could eat the bits I’m throwing out, then I wouldn’t feel so bad.

And I would guess that I’m not alone.

The news that the gassification plant has been shelved has also highlighted the ‘zero waste’ idea, and it’s one I think we all need to be embracing.

It’s only a matter of time before we have no choice as the EU will start to enforce fines if we continue to use landfill sites.

I think I’m going to get ahead of myself and get a compost bin - ease my conscience a bit!