Week 5: Passing the half way mark

Dear Reader, before I continue with extolling the virtues of the Biggest Loser programme I have a confession to make.

Last Thursday, after a particularly stressful day, I tumbled - spectacularly - off the wagon.

I skipped my Biggest Loser class, and opted for half a bottle of wine, a bag of kettle crisps, some dip and my soft sofa and some trashy television instead.

I knew I should go - I internally battled with myself for a few hours - but I was exhausted, fed up, feeling sorry for myself, still aching from the jaunt up Southway and ready to pack it all in.

And all I wanted - really - was a glass of wine, some crisps and an hour in front of Grey’s Anatomy, One of my team mates text me, telling me the exercise would probably lift me out of my mood. I knew she was probably right - I have started to experience the endorphin highs after a good work out - but I was, in all honesty, just so completely and utterly in bad form that I refused anyway.

Was it worth it? Having not had any alcohol, crisps or dip for previous five weeks meant that almost as soon as I had a sniff of wine I could feel my head spinning. The crisps tasted greasy and despite their lashings of artificial flavouring they tasted bland - as if I could taste every slimy, fattening calorie.

And the next day, when my stomach churned and the bad food made me crave even more bad food (I ate my first turnover in five weeks) I felt as if all control of Biggest Loser was slipping away from me.

If this was the TV show, this would have been the point Davina McCall would have landed round to give me a hug and a knowing nod of her head while viewers watched me cry all over national TV. Then Jillian McMichaels would have kicked my over-sized rear end back up Southway and told me not to be a cry baby.

The trainers from OLT are on hand to offer words of encouragement (or a stern talking to when necessary) but ultimately it was me who drank the wine and ate the crisps and it was me, and only me, who could haul myself out of my fug and get back on track.

Along with the twice weekly sessions at the OLT we are encouraged to fit in extra exercise where possible.

Sticking on my trainers and tracksuit bottoms, and popping my earphones in my ear, I set out to do a circuit walk/run of just short of 3.5km.

It wasn’t easy - but it was easier than the same walk had been five weeks ago. Living at the top of one of the city’s steepest hills (not quite as steep as Southway mind) meant I challenged myself by adding this into my route as I went. Gone are the days of driving until I got a nice flat bit of land to walk on - no pain, no gain is my mantra.

Or at least it was - once the wine was finished and the crisps done.

I have followed that circuit for the last few days, cleaned my eating back up, and attended another exercise session at Biggest Loser. I am determined, helped by the support, good humour and banter of my fellow Biggest Losers, to keep going until the very end.

Yes, I slipped up, because I’m not going to change overnight or get it right all the time. But I hauled myself back on that wagon and back towards my ultimate weightloss and fitness goal.

And if I needed further inspiration or reward, tomorrow I will be wearing an outfit a full two dress sizes smaller than the one I wore in January.