Why not to promote Roy Chubby Brown

Roy Chubby Brown is appearing in Derry in November.

No, you didn’t get an out of date Journal. It isn’t a misplaced edition from the mid seventies - it is, in fact, 2014.

It’s about time we talked about the Chubby Brown thing, and him taking the stage in our city. On this occasion, he’s playing the Millennium Forum. The Millennium Forum receives funding from, among others, Derry City Council and the Arts Council. Derry Theatre Trust trading as Millennium Forum is a charitable company. I question the progammer who thinks the ‘Chubby’ brand is still socially acceptable. I’m asking the question because of Brown’s tackling of the race issue. There’s not enough room here to look at the sexist jokes too. His lines leave very few stones unturned and frankly nothing but a pretty sour taste. Here’s why.

Brown on people from Iraq: “You can’t get on an aeroplane these days because of the b******s.”

On changing Britain and the burka debate: “Was I on holiday when this didn’t become a Christian country anymore?...what’s this about covering your face up. If it was the Ku Klux Klan we’d lock them up straight away. Same thing just a different f****n sheet isn’t it?”

On asylum seekers and benefits: “Hang on a f****n minute. What happened to that ad on tv that says: ‘£2 a month feeds a family of five.”

On people being offended by golliwog dolls, during which Brown appears on stage with an actual golliwog. “If you’re a West Indian with an afro and you’re on drugs, I can’t help it if you f*****g look like that.”

On opening a show with the race topic. “Last night, I walked on and there was an Indian woman in the front row with a red spot here (points to the middle of his head) I thought she had the video camera on her I said ‘get that c**t out now.” That’s all just a taster.

It’s not only a bit of craic. It is ‘comedy’ which REINFORCES RACIST STEREOTYPES. It validates the thinking of those who think these stereotypes are appropriate and it has no place in a city which these days prides itself on being multicultural.

In promotional material on the Millennium Forum website Brown is referred to as “still rude” and “still crude.”

It also states: “Chubby doesn’t hold back from sharing his outlandish views on news, women and gender, sailing so close to the mark, even the most seasoned of fans will be left gob-smacked!”

Patrons are warned to stay away if they’re easily offended. I’d say stay away if you have any level of intelligence or respect for others.