‘Our words are falling on deaf ears’

The Saville Report was released two and a half years ago. (271112JC6)
The Saville Report was released two and a half years ago. (271112JC6)

News of next year’s G8 Summit has been met with criticism from a leading Bloody Sunday campaigner in Derry, who questions the priorities of the PSNI in policing such a huge event.

John Kelly, whose 17-year-old brother Michael was murdered by British paratroopers on 30 January 1972, has voiced concerns that while PSNI have stated they don’t have resources needed to begin the murder investigation into Bloody Sunday, they will have the resources necessary to police next year’s G8 Summit, which is to be held in Fermanagh.

“The PSNI don’t seem to be complaining about the money or the resources needed to cover the G8 Summit next year, yet still they insist they don’t have the resources needed to conduct a major murder investigation? That can’t be right,” Mr Kelly told the ‘Journal’ this week.

“The fact is, we are all waiting for news of this murder investigation and now the PSNI will probably spend millions and draft in hundreds of extra personnel to police this summit of world leaders.

“Our words are falling on deaf ears. Since this G8 Summit has been announced, there has not been even a whisper of complaint from the PSNI as regards resources. Our loved ones mean nothing to them. They are second-class citizens and don’t seem to count as far as the PSNI are concerned.”

A police spokesperson reiterated the fact that a scoping exercise was conducted into the issues involved in the Bloody Sunday murder, but no investigation has yet begun, citing “competing priorities which pose a risk to the public today.”

However, they also insist they have enough resources to cover “exceptional circumstances” such as a summit of world leaders.

“We will always ensure that we maintain a level of resources to deliver a policing service to deal with local issues and serious harm alongside being able to police exceptional circumstances, including increased terrorist activity and major events.”