Over 1,000 take part in Lundy Day events

Setting flames to the effigy of Lundy.
Setting flames to the effigy of Lundy.

Over 1,000 people have gathered under grey skies to take part in the annual Lundy’s Day parade.

The main parade and subsequent celebrations on Saturday afternoon passed off peacefully, with no reports of disturbances.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry events are taking place to mark the 326th anniversary of the shutting of the gates to the City Walls.

It was the actions of the original 13 Apprentice Boys in locking the gates against the army of the Catholic King James II that preceded the Siege of Derry, during which around 10,000 people died.

Around 30 bands participated in the parade on Saturday, which departed from the railway station, crossing Craigavon Bridge and travelling up to the Apprentice Boys’ Memorial Hall.

Those taking part this afternoon gathered for a Service of Thanksgiving in St Columb’s Cathedral before heading to Bishop Street for the burning of an effigy of Robert Lundy, who was governor of Derry at the time of the Siege.

Lundy remains a reviled figure among many unionists because he made an offer to surrender to King James’ troops several months into the Siege.

Speaking during yesterday’s parade, PSNI Foyle Area Commander Tony Callaghan said: “I think today has been another successful day for Derry.”

He added that an awful lot of planning had gone into building mutual trust respect locally.